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Home Appliance: Fridge, Washing Machine, LED TV, google home mini and More on rent | Gorentjoy. Free Delivery and Pickup of Appliance.

Upgrade Appliance: Smart Fully Automatic appliance. Upgrade with quick Development in Technology, Energy Efficient, Automation as well as Safety. Change your subscription at will. Things you can never do if you buy Appliances.

(Package)Fridge/W.M/RENT discount offer (Package)Fridge/W.M/RENT…
Posted by on 03-07-18

Why buy when you can set up your house with quality furniture and appliances at a very affordable monthly…

Minimum duration of Rent: 3 months

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Refrigerator Double door Refrigerator Double door
Posted by shaka on 18-09-18

Free Maintenance , Double door fridge energy efficient., Delivery and pickup free, minimum deposit, 4 star and…

Minimum duration of Rent: 6 months

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Single Door Fridge - Minimum 3 star rated Single Door Fridge - Minimum 3…
Posted by Mamta Singh on 18-09-18

Frost free Refrigerator on rent, Very well maintained Refrigerator, Floral print, Monthly subscription, Most…

Minimum duration of Rent: 6 months

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All rent online All rent online
Posted by Aber from Pune on 13-04-18

Furniture, Appliances, Mobile phone, Laptop & Bike on rent / hire basis all over under one roof, ‌Contact :…

Minimum duration of Rent: 1 month