Currently we deliver free of charge one-way to any point within Pune. However, delivery charges may be charged in certain cases at the discretion of Company.

• Delivery of products would be done in 7 days or more as per the order quantity and delivery location.

• Customer would be intimated of delivery status and timings a day in advance by the Customer Experience team.

• Furniture is delivered and set up coordinated by our in-house team led by the Gorentjoy Customer Relationship Manager. No hidden charges for you to worry about

• In case of partial, damaged or incorrect delivery, the replacement is done in 48 hours or as per discretion of the company.

• We adhere strictly to our delivery time lines confirmed earlier by our in-house Customer Care team. In rare instances when delivery is delayed, we inform our customers two hours in advance for any delay.

• There is no maximum number of delivery attempts. Customer is contacted repeatedly and attempts are made till delivery is completed. It is in the best interests of the customer to avail of delivery in the first two attempts, as delivery to other customers would have to take precedence if the first two delivery attempts are missed by the customer

• We are in contact with customers during the delivery day. In case, the customer is absent during delivery hours, update of the next attempt at delivery is shared on the same day itself.

• During delivery, the customer or his/her spouse/ parents or any relations can accept delivery after checking quality of furniture.
The receiver of furniture would have to sign off the Agreement Document (detailing the subscription Terms and Conditions, benefits of subscription and other relevant information) and the Check List of items received.